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Sheridan​ Curriculum


The reading series adopted by our district is Houghton-Mifflin. We use a combination of the basal text and literature trade books to teach students phonemic awareness skills and guided reading strategies needed to achieve reading proficiency based on state and district standards for each grade level.

Houghton-Mifflin Reading Education Place


The Everyday Mathematics Program provides the basic structure of our Math curriculum. It includes a spiraling, standards-based, comprehensive foundation using hands-on application in number sense, algebraic concepts, measurement and geometry, and probability and statistics. Additionally, appropriate mathematical vocabulary is taught and its use is expected in technical writing that explains reasoning as students solve single and multi-step problems.

Everyday Mathematics Parent Connection


Our students are taught the Five Step Writing Process using the six traits of organization, ideas and content, fluency, word choice, voice, and conventions. Students pre-write, draft, revise, edit and publish at least one piece of writing each quarter while working on multiple pieces. They are taught the six writing traits and rubrics for quality work. Student work is evaluated using the Six Trait Writing Rubric and one sample from each quarter is kept in a student portfolio for each student and monitored for growth
in each trait.


Our Science curriculum uses methods of inquiry-based investigations incorporating the science process skills in the areas of Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. The Houghton-Mifflin Science series provides the structure through which these science standards are taught using a combination of knowledge acquisition, application, and hands-on activities. 

 Social Studies

Harcourt-Brace provides the Social Studies text used as a basic curriculum tool to teach State and District standards. Using themes of Commonality and Diversity, Continuity and Change, Conflict and Cooperation, Individualism and Interdependence, and Interaction Within Different Environments, students are taught to view the world around them by making connections to past and present.

Harcourt-Brace Social Studies 


Music education exposes students to a broad range of musical experiences. Students are actively involved in using a variety of hands-on tools to make music and learn rhythm patterns. Our Music and PE teachers strive to integrate core curriculum standards with their own. They combine grade levels of students at various times throughout the year to give performances to parents and the community. Each child is involved in a performance at least once each school year.

 Physical Education

Our Physical Education curriculum builds on the Health curriculum and emphasizes the need for physical fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle. Students are taught a variety of physical activities and encouraged to find something they enjoy from the many choices that they can incorporate into their everyday lives in an effort to stay healthy and active.


The Health curriculum was developed locally in cooperation with a diverse group of parents and community members, using guidelines established by the Kansas Department of Education. It focuses on respect for self and others, and teaches age appropriate information about human sexuality and HIV.

 Bully Prevention

Sheridan Elementary uses the Olweus [pronounced Ol-VEY-us] Bullying Prevention Program.  The program is a comprehensive, school-wide program designed for use in elementary, middle, or junior high schools. Its goals are to reduce and prevent bullying problems among school children and to improve peer relations at school. The program has been found to reduce bullying among children, improve the social climate of classrooms, and reduce related antisocial behaviors, such as vandalism and truancy. The Olweus Program has been implemented in more than one dozen countries around the world.