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The Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Program is a comprehensive character education program that focuses on leadership training and development in an Army staff structure environment.  Since this is a voluntary elective class, cadets will be required to maintain Army grooming and uniform wear standards.  Army Service Uniforms are issued to each cadet and tailored to them at no cost. Uniforms must be turned in at the end of the academic year. Besides comprehensive leadership instruction, cadets are afforded the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities that include Raider Team, Drill Team, Color Guard, Marksmanship, JROTC Leadership and Academic Bowl (JLAB), Junior Guard and Battalion Staff. Cadets may participate in all 4 years of JROTC and are not obligated for any military service.

Leadership Education and Training (LET) 1

Grades: 9-12──Credit: 1

Prerequisites: None

JROTC 1 is an introductory course on leadership and character education.  Program of Instruction includes basic leadership principles, drill and ceremonies, citizenship responsibilities and getting involved, study skills, communication skill, physical fitness, conflict resolution, Winning Colors, and the National Endowment for financial education.  Entry level cadets will be assigned as squad members in a line company and be expected to perform as a team member in that squad.  Uniforms will be worn once a week and is a significant percentage of the cadet's grade.  This course teaches responsiveness to delegated authority (followership), the cadet's role as part of a larger organization and personal responsibility.


Leadership Education and Training (LET) 2

Grades: 10-12──Credit 1

Prerequisites- Successful Completion of Leadership Training and Education 1 POI

This midlevel leadership training course is designed to reinforce the lessons learned in the LET 1 program of instruction while addressing new leadership topics.  The course work includes training and education in leadership theory and application, wellness, fitness and first aid, emergency situation preparedness, Drug and Alcohol awareness and prevention, land navigation, Constitutional Law and Bill of Rights, citizenship responsibilities, service learning and mid-level National Endowment for Financial Education training.  Cadets at this level are expected to act as leaders for an 8-10 man squad of junior cadets and assume responsibility for the performance of those cadets during uniform inspections and drill and ceremonies evaluations.

Leadership Education and Training (LET) 3

Grades:  11-12──Credit 1

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of the LET 2 POI

This course provides cadets with intermediate training in leadership and character education topics that include citizenship, command and staff operations, leadership theory and application, presenting skills, career planning, advance course work in The National Endowment for Financial Education, and teaching skills.  Cadets will assume roles as leaders in a company level element or as an assistant staff officer.  Cadets are expected to manage a variety of tasks associated with senior leadership.  They are expected to lead junior cadets in drill and in inspections and are expected to prepare and teach leadership classes to junior cadets under instructor supervision.


Leadership Education and Training (LET) 4

Grade:  12──Credit 1

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of the LET 3 POI

This course provides cadets with advanced leadership training in citizenship and battalion staff organization and operations as well as advanced leadership concepts.  The course is structured to allow cadets a balance of academic instruction and practical application of the previous three years of leadership studies.  Cadets will act as senior staff or commanders and are responsible for all command and staff operations for a battalion of six line companies.  Cadets will perform staff and leadership operations in accordance with Army doctrine and the unit Standing Operating Procedures (SOP) to support all battalion operations.


Senior Leadership Studies

Year──Grade: 12──Credit: 1

Prerequisite:  Be a Leadership Education and Training (LET) 4 Cadet; Be serving in a senior leadership position; Be approved by the Senior Army Instructor for the course.

This course will instruct senior Army JROTC cadets advanced leadership techniques and studies.  Coursework will center on cadets who are in critical leadership positions within the battalion.  Cadets will study advanced management techniques and tools while performing in a senior leadership role.   Course work will include practical applications of running small group meetings, writing and presenting information in a formal environment (briefings) and supervising junior cadets during the execution phase of battalion operations.


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