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​Mr. Holborn
(Dept leader) ​Web Page Design​
Advanced Web Page Design
Game Design & Authoring for the web
Computer Applications
​Mr. Mcdaniel

​Computer Applications I & II
Personal Finance
Computer Programming

​Mrs. Whaley

Accounting 1
College Accounting
Computerized Accounting
Business Essentials

​Ms. Amerin ​Computer Applications I & II
Introduction to Business


Business Classes:


Computer Applications I    

Semester──Grades: 9-12──Credit: ½

Prerequisite:  None

This course is designed to introduce students to personal information management using Microsoft Office Suite's Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook applications.  The course will expose students to practical examples of each application stressing that ethics and quality assurance are useful tools in any business environment.  Students will use these applications to create documents, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations.  Additionally, students will apply internet security methods and manage e-mail accounts, address books, and appointments.  This class will satisfy the computer technology graduation requirement.

Business Essentials  

Semester── Grades:  9-11──Credits: ½

Prerequisite: None

This is a core course designed to give students an overview of the business, marketing and finance career cluster occupations.  Students will develop an understanding of how academic skills in mathematics, economics, and written and oral communications are integral components of success in these occupations.  Students will examine current events to determine their impact on business and industry and legal and ethical behavior, acquire knowledge of safe and secure environmental controls to enhance productivity, determine how resources should be managed to achieve company goals, and identify employability, and personal skills needed to obtain a career and be successful in the workplace.  As students learn about different types of business ownership, they will interpret industry laws and regulations to ensure compliance, identify principles of business management, and analyze business practices to determine ethics and social responsibilities.

Computer Applications II 

Semester──Grades 9-12──Credit: ½

Prerequisite: Computer Applications I

This course is designed to teach the advanced functions of Microsoft Office Suite Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, and Outlook. This course will expose the students to advanced examples of using the computer applications as a useful tool in business. In addition it will provide mastery of the proper procedures to create documents, worksheets, databases, presentations, e-mail, address books, and maintaining appointments. This class will satisfy the computer technology graduation requirement.

Web Page Design  

Semester──Grades: 9-12──Credit: ½

Prerequisite: Computer Applications I or Word Processing

 Students enrolled in this class will learn the programming languages HTML and touch on JavaScript and CSS. Students will also learn web page design software to create web documents and manage a web site. Students will utilize this knowledge, along with conceptual design models, in creating various World Wide Web pages. This course will rely heavily on self-directed reading, research, and writing assignment.

Advanced Web Page Design  

Semester──Grades: 10-12──Credit: ½

Prerequisite: C or above in Computer Applications I and Web Pages

Students enrolled in this class will learn advanced HTML, CSS, Java Script, Flash and Frontpage. Students will utilize this knowledge, along with conceptual design models, in creating and designing various web pages and web programs and movies. This course will require that students are self-directed and motivated to work and learn new web technologies.


Semester──Grades: 10-12──Credit: ½

Prerequisite: None

This course is an overview in starting a business and creating a comprehensive business plan. In addition the following will be taught: marketing, advertising, obtaining loans, personnel management, recordkeeping, legal requirements, e-commerce, social and ethical responsibilities as well as problem solving in the work place. This course will rely heavily on research and writing skills. Students enrolled in this course need to have a genuine interest in starting their own business.

Computer Programming    

Semester──Grades: 10-12──Credit: ½

Prerequisite: C or above in Algebra, Computer Applications I

This course is designed to introduce the student to the Visual Basic programming language. Writing, running, and debugging programs are minimum student objectives.  This class will satisfy the computer technology graduation requirement.

Game Design & Authoring for the Web  

Semester──Grades: 11-12──Credit: ½

Prerequisite: Computer Applications, Web Page Design, and Computer Programming or Advanced Web Page Design

This course will explore game design and programming for the web, computer and handheld devices, and game consoles.  Students will need some programming experience.  Students enrolled in this course must be self-directed learners and have the ability to problem solve, trouble shoot, and work on their own to accomplish a task. This class is the application level course for "web and digital communications pathway". 

Accounting I  

Year──Grades: 10-12──Credit: 1

Prerequisite: None

Accounting is a lab course which presents a systematic way of keeping records for a sole proprietor and a partnership.  Most of the work will be done in class; therefore, attendance is important.  This course serves as an introduction to college accounting.  This is a hands on class where students will learn to analyze, journalize, and post transactions.  They will prepare worksheets, financial statements, adjusting and closing entries.  An emphasis on handling a checkbook, writing checks and reconciling a bank statement will be completed.  Comprehensive problems will be utilized to complete each semester.

College Accounting: Accounting II      

Year──Grades: 11-12──Credit: 1                      

Prerequisite: This class is using Kansas State University Textbook, Kansas State University Tests, Quizzes Curriculum provided by Dr. Deines aurthor of the book

Accounting II will be taught using the same curriculum as Kansas State University and students will be able to take a test through the university at the completion to earn college credit.  This class is taught at an advanced level and the grade will be calculated as weighted as it pertains to GPA and graduation.  Unlike the procedural approach of Accounting I, this course will be taught from a conceptual approach.  Students will develop an understanding of how accounting is used for operating decisions in business.  Students must understand the economic and legal environment of business, gather and summarize data and prepare meaningful reports designed to meet the information needs of decision makers.

Computerized Accounting: Accounting III   

Semester──Grades: 12──Credit: ½

Prerequisite: Accounting I & II, Instructor


Students will learn QuickBooks, a commercial

computerized accounting software package.  Students must have INSTRUCTOR PERMISSION to enroll in this advanced course. 

Personal Finance  

Semester──Grades: 10-12──Credit: ½

Prerequisite: None

Personal Finance teaches students step-by-step methods of approaching smart earning, spending, saving and investing strategies.  Topics include everything from earning an income, planning for the future, certificates of deposit to mutual funds, and insurance.  Students will learn how to analyze the value of the stock market.  Financial planning, banking, credit, online shopping, online investing, and taxes are discussed from a technology perspective.

Business Law

Semester──Grades: 10-12──Credit: ½

Prerequisite:  None

This course is designed to help students learn about ethics and the impact of the law on their daily lives.  Some of the topics discussed will be: contract law, consumer protection, employment contracts, property law, credit obligations, bankruptcy and insurance.  Students will be required to examine and analyze actual court cases.


Semester──Grades: 11-12──Credit: ½

Prerequisite: Accounting I and Entrepreneurship

Investing emphasizes the formulation of business and individual decisions by comparing and contrasting the investment qualities of cash, stock, bonds, and mutual funds.  Students typically review annual reports, predict growth rates, and analyze trends. Stock market simulations will also be incorporated into the class.  Student taking this class must have a genuine interest in Finance and investing.

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