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Welcome to the Business, Information and Technology Academy

"Taking Care of Business"



The Business, Information, and Technology Academy (BIT)  serves over three hundred students interested in one of the seven career clusters offered at JCHS.  Students identify one of the clusters:
During the day, students have the opportunity to learn more about their field interest through a variety of ways:  field trips, speakers, interest surveys, and research.  BIT students also have the opportunity to participate in job shadowing, internships, and career specific field experiences.
Please check back as more information will be added. For immediate assistance please call (785) 717-4208. Thanks.  



BIT Customer Service

Our goal is not only to educate your student with the curriculum that anticipates a post-secondary classroom or career, but to facilitate your student’s possible future decisions.  If there is ever a concern or you wish to present/volunteer your own talents, please do not hesitate in contacting us.  We want your student to not only succeed in the BIT Academy; we want him/her to shine!

Office Number:  785-717-4208

Mr. Kale Katt, Academy Principal



Mr Nathan Herrman, Academy Leader


Ms. Emily Russell, Academy Counselor


Mrs. Johanna Noriega, Academy Secretary


BIT Academy Teachers:

Information Technology Cluster:

Christopher Holborn

Amy Tighe

Allison Shane

Law and Public Safety Cluster:

Jeff Childs

Subin Chun

Wendy Davis

Katie Winnie

Andrea Platt

Kelsey Garver

Business Management and Administration Cluster:

Roxanne Whaley

Chelsea Todd

Hospitality and Tourism Cluster:

Lauren Simmons

Stacie Buss


Mick McDaniel

Government and Public Administration:

Reina Cruz

Cathy Rankin

Cassi Mason

Jessica Welch

Sales and Services/marketing:

Kristin Crews