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Mission Statement
"Junction City High School prepares students to be successful workers and citizens by developing relationships and incorporating relevance and rigor into their education."
School Colors
Blue and White
School Mascot
Blue Jay
Size JCHS is a 6A high school which is the largest classification in Kansas. JCHS has approximately 1700 students every year.
Grades Grades 9-12. JCHS is divided into 4 academies. Freshmen Success , Science and Engineering, Fine Arts and Human Services, Business Information Technology
School Song
Where the valley of the Kansas
Meets the eastern skies
Proudly, dear old Junction's banners
On the breezes rise
Just beyond the Smoky River
In a busy town,
Stands the high school of old Junction,
Great is her renown.
Praise her knowledge and athletics,
Those of Blue and White
While we swear that to maintain them,
We will ever fight.
Hail to her and to her colors
Blue beside the white,
Hail to dear old JCHS
Hail to Junction true.
Fight Song
Onward Blue Jays, Onward Blue Jays
Don't give up the fight (fight, Fight, Fight)
Fight on Blue Jays for your colors,
Royal Blueand White (fight, fight, fight)
Onward Blue Jays, Onward Blue Jays
Fight on for your fame
Fight on to victory
History of Junction City High School
JCHS 1958
(JCHS 1958)
The school district which includes Junction City, Fort Riley, Milford and Grandview was organized in July of 1862. The first building constructed for school purposes was built in 1866.
The present high school building was completed and occupied during the 1958-1959 school year. The first major addition was made in 1963. In 1977, another major addition was completed, giving additional media center facilities, a new gymnasium with dressing rooms, and student commons area. In 1979, a fourth addition was added to the south comprising science facilities, three classrooms, a 110-seat multi-level lecture hall, facilities for special education and special reading laboratory. In 1984, there was a fifth addition to the northeast corner of the building to house the instrumental music program.
The most recent addition, in 1990, was an addition to the south to house two chemistry labs, a foods lab, 10 general purpose classrooms, two conference rooms, several teacher offices and an addition to the cafeteria. These facilities house grades 9,10,11 and12.
The old bell from the first high school and the Bronze Blue Jay statue are displayed near the main entrance to the high school to signify the history and heritage of Junction City High School.