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Complete this district form to have your social media account approved.
District opt out letter for parents.  Send this letter home if you are using a social media site with students.
District acceptable use policy
This is the distrcit guidline and steps for teachers to setup a teacher page on Facebook
The flowchart shows the steps to take in order to have and use a district approved social media site with your srtudents or parents.
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This document contains the guidelines drafted in 2014 and updated in 2017.
Integrated Planning Document.pdf
5/3/2016 10:30 AMBrown, Michele
Common Sense Media provides everything you need to cover digital  citizenship with your students.  Lesson plans, videos, and assessments are already created.  As a teacher you can have a free account and dowload whatever you need.
This infographic breaksdown how and what to teach regarding digital citizenship.
Video to use with the digital citizenship student curriculum.  Discusses video and privacy.
Video to use with the digital citizenship student curriculum.  How aware are you of your digital dossier? Watch this time line of Andy's lifespan and find out
PowrePoint lesson on digital citizenship.
This is the best video.  Find out how your decisions on sharing things online can impact your life in the real world. Learn to think before you click.  Use for digital citizenship
A lesson for high school students on digital citizenship.
A second lesson on digital citizenship for high school students.
Video that covers basic digital citizenship advice for teens.
Digital citizenship contract used for high school students


This is the distrcit guidline and steps for teachers to setup a teacher page on Facebook
PDF created by Facebook for educators.
Like this Faccebook Page and stay informed about social media and Facebook topics in connection with education.  You will also find information from other educators about how Facebook is being used in the classroom.
Here is a quick slideshow to show you how to get started using Facebook Pages.
Find various documents to help you with your Facebook Teacher Page and social networking.
Ideas for using Facebook n the classroom
5 best practices to consider when using Facebook with students
Check out Facebook's new consumer education campaign intended to provide teens and their parents with tools and tips to manage privacy and visibility on Facebook. Click the link to watch our "Ask the Safety Team" video series and download a privacy tip sheet!
Facebok for Educators created this document to help you get started with your Facebook Page.
In Spring 2013, The Education Foundation were commissioned by Facebook UK to deliver a groundbreaking project to find innovative ways of using Facebook as a tool for teaching and learning. Two schools - London Nautical School and Wellington College - used Facebook as a tool in the Science and History curriculum and this guide shows the students and staff journeys in the project led by Ty Goddard and Ian Fordham



Infographic for Twitter
Follow these  tags on Twitter to connect with accounts that have an educational focus.
Useful YouTube video that’s all about ‘Twitter For Teachers.’ In the video, Erin talks about how to get started with the basics of Twitter (how to actually tweet and respond to tweets), which hashtags you should keep an eye out for (new teacher chat!), and more.
The following projects provide you and your students with 50 ways to Twitter in the classroom to create important and lasting lessons.
Twitter for beginners infographic.
This guide explains hastags and how they are used on Twitter. I t also lists several educational hastags you may like to follow.



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A Teacher’s Guide to Social Media


In this project, students will be asked to choose a literary character or author and create a mock social networking profile page.