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Augmented Reality Resources

The companion website for "Deeper Learning With QR Codes and Augmented Reality: A Scannable Solution for Your Classroom!". Has links to various QR & AR resources.
Designed with love by DAQRI, Elements 4D is a fun way to learn real chemistry and experience augmented reality. - Page inclused lesson plans geared towards elementary school, middle school, & high school.
Designed with educators in mind, Quiver Education provides the same magical augmented reality colouring experience, but with a greater focus on educational content than the awesome Quiver App
Star Walk is an interactive astronomy guide that shows celestial objects in the exact positions on the sky above you, providing detailed information about them. It helps anyone even remotely interested in astronomy find their way across the sky, determine where to look for any object, rewind or fast-forward time to see how celestial bodies move. It inspires curiosity about the Universe and helps users understand amazing cosmic phenomena
This link takes you to Aurasma's help & tutorial site.
Create simply Augmented Reality experiences.
With Blippar's powerful technology, educators can seamlessly enhance learning materials with digital content that students can access using a smartphone or tablet.
Lockheed Martin and Discovery Ed team p and provide you with full lesson plans the incorporate augented reality.
Here's my latest video about how to make your own Augmented Reality experiences with PowerPoint and a cool free app called Aurasma.

This trick is perfect for teachers or anyone trying spice up printed presentations or handouts.

The Aurasma demo will show you how to make cool augmented reality tricks in the app, as well as combine with PowerPoint animations on your computer.