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The USD 475 Brand

The USD 475 brand is an important piece in conveying professionalism and competency to our families, community members and other supporters. Maintaining this image is key to establishing trust and credibility, especially because of our highly-transient population. Families should be able to recognize an official USD 475 communications piece by the branding, which includes those pieces developed by individual schools. These resources will help guide you toward achieving that.​

Branding Guidelines
USD 475 Brand Guide.pdf
The Branding Guidelines include general guidelines for the USD 475 brand, including the usage of our district logo and school logos, as well as appropriate wording for official communications pieces. 

Download Logos and Graphic Identifiers
For those categories with multiple versions of the logo/graphic identifier (USD 475 and Junction City High School), refer to the Branding Guidelines to determine the appropriate file for your project. Files are available in JPEG and PNG formats. If you feel you need another format (such as .EPS​ for high-powered design programs), please contact the Communications Services Department. Logos and other graphic identifiers should be used exactly as they are in the provided files. Stretching, squishing, changing the colors, changing the text, or otherwise altering the logo is not permitted. The Communications Services Department is the final authority on the use and distribution of all USD 475 logos and graphic identifiers.

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